Almost Mine

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The very first stirrings of this song actually began many years ago when I “discovered” Patsy Cline. And I actually discovered Patsy Cline through some later covers of her songs by Emmylou Harris. I soon realized that many of Patsy’s songs had a bittersweet, longing quality about them – as well as a fair-sized helping of human vulnerability. And I happen to think that a little vulnerability is an attractive trait in a human. Patsy’s songs also commonly added a little touch of blues or even a taste of jazz to the primary underlying country music.

I often wonder if Patsy would have any success in today’s world of Strong Assertive Female Artists. No vulnerability allowed for today’s ladies! And for that matter, none allowed for our male artists either!

Nope, today all artists are strong, powerful, forceful, and often angry. Except… as far as I can tell, actual genuine love requires a measure of vulnerability – certainly a vulnerable leap of faith. Sadly, sometimes there’s no one there to catch you after that leap of faith. Or sometimes maybe it was you who jumped in the wrong direction, away from the person waiting and wanting to catch you. Or perhaps you got right up to love’s edge… And then couldn’t trust enough to jump at all – turning away and leaving yourself ultimately to wonder, “What if…?” Well, that’s pretty much the theme of Almost Mine. It’s about the one that got away. …The one that somehow “…slipped right through your hands.”

I actually wrote this song as sort of a personal challenge to write something that Patsy Cline might sing if she were alive today. So I tried for that same bittersweet and vulnerable quality that I loved so much in her work.

The singer is Melissa Jones, and I happen to think no artist in the world could have done this song any greater justice than Melissa did. Her emotion in the very last note of the song still breaks my heart every time I listen to it! And Melissa loves a little blues in her country too!

From a production standpoint, listen for the acoustic stand-up bass line in this song. In spots it’s almost worthy of an instrumental solo! And I think it lends just the right foundation to a track that turned out very nice – not too sparse, and certainly not too overdone for the song. And, as always, Rich Dixon lends his exquisite work on acoustic and mellow electric guitar.

Throughout the song – but heard best in the first verse – Rich uses the acoustic guitar almost as a percussion instrument with a quick strum on the beat to help set a nice laid-back groove. Then listen for his tasty electric guitar licks that appear in the second verse as the song builds. And in the “B” section, he adds electric guitar pinches to the groove line, but on the back beat this time. Nice subtle touch!

From a songwriting standpoint, Almost Mine is written in a classic AABA song structure. In the verses, there is rhyming – or near rhyming – not only at the end of lyrical lines as is standard, but also at the middle of a line with the middle of the next 2 lines (i.e. internal rhyming for three consecutive lyrical lines in each verse). As I was writing the song, that internal rhyming scheme just seemed to fit well, since there is a brief, natural pause in the musical melody line in the middle of each lyrical line. In the “B” or “bridge” section the rhyming scheme is different – to add interest and variety to that section and better separate it from the “A” sections.

Hope you enjoy!

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Price(USD): $1.00

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