I Ain’t Blind

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Dave Heslington is a long-time very good friend. He’s a solid writer, not to mention a fine performer! A while back, he played me a simple guitar/vocal recording of a song he’d just written. I think he must have been going through a painful breakup at the time, because the song was a mournful ballad. Well, Davey boy, you made the mistake of giving your fine ballad to a crazed and demented friend – who saw the potential for a rockin’ uptempo “I’ll show YOU!” song! Phooey on heartbreak, REVENGE is the best response to a lover with wandering eyes!!! And turnabout is fair play!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

As we all know, “All’s fair in love and war!” …And sometimes the two are indistinguishable!

From a songwriting standpoint, this is a verse/chorus/bridge song. The bridge is actually a two-part bridge. First there is a very cool instrumental electric guitar solo by Rich Dixon, then – using the very same chord progression – Dave Brooks comes in with a vocal bridge. I like it if I can work both an instrumental solo as well as vocals into the same bridge. It’s almost 4 song parts for the price of 3! 

And I used a different rhyme scheme in the vocal part of the bridge to set it apart from verse and chorus.

From a production standpoint, I enjoy the trade-off instrumental licks from Brian Jensen on honky tonk piano, Steve Allred on pedal steel, and Rich Dixon on guitars. I also love the growly bass guitar by Craig Poole in the intro and throughout the first verse. In fact, Craig’s bass virtually carries the entire first verse. And, as usual, Dave Brooks flat out sings the hell outta this song!

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